Meta — B2B social media campaign case study

B2B social media

Meta is a B2B enterprise SaaS company. When it came time to own the conversation at a global creative gathering, they called Sharks At Tech.



Agency partner MetaCommunications (Meta) is a fast-growing software company creating productivity solutions for the world’s best marketing and creative teams. A home-grown Iowa company, Meta has expanded from a lean startup to a major player with offices in Iowa City, Russia, and Austin, Texas, and boasts a client roster filled with Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, Allstate, IKEA, 3M, Crate & Barrel, and SONY. Meta is quickly accelerating into a position of great authority, and also great competition, in the marketplace.

Sharks At Tech was tapped to lead social media audience growth and engagement efforts for their flagship enterprise product, Workgroups.


According to Meta’s funding announcement, “marketing teams are facing more competition and new avenues to tout their products, such as social media. That has ratcheted up demand for software that can streamline workflows.” With demand comes (well-funded) competition. Being a challenger brand in a growing space means standing out in the minds of savvy prospects. In one of many efforts to turn the dial up on marketing, Meta completed a significant rebrand and signed up for elite sponsorships.

When it came time to maximize their impact and visibility at those events, they called us.

Adobe Max

As the Platinum sponsor of the #AdobeMax conference, Workgroups needed to make a powerful statement with prospects. Our team led a social campaign that got the attention of in-house marketing leaders before, during, and after the event. With a Sculpt team member joining Meta in LA, we customized and promoted content in real-time that captured the quotes and culture of the event.

our impact

A successful user-generated photo contest, sponsored keynote promotion, and active community management helped propel Workgroups to become the second most visible Twitter user at the 7,000 person conference for design influencers.
We collected dozens of photo submissions, drove hundreds of interactions online and at the booth, and tens of thousands of targeted paid and earned impressions. All contributing to a healthy volume of leads to fill Meta’s sales team’s pipeline.


HOW Design Live is one of the most celebrated gatherings of creative professionals from agencies and in-house teams across the world.
With five full days jam-packed with keynotes, speaker sessions, exhibit floor hours, networking events, and workshops, the challenge becomes breaking through the noise. To make a lasting impression with B2B audiences, Meta tapped Sculpt to lead HOW’s social campaign for Workgroups and their sister product ProofMe.

our approach

Our team created two separate — and simultaneous — social media executions that made each brand’s distinct voice a natural part of the conference theme and experience.

real-time priorities

A dedicated team of Sharks At Tech community managers, designers, and digital strategists — including one community manager on the ground in Atlanta — captured the sights, sounds and emotions of the conference through real-time sharing of quotes, images, graphics, and video. During keynotes and speaker sessions, our team worked swiftly to capture powerful quotes and turn them into eye-catching branded content, going from speaker quip to social stream in less than 4 minutes.

our impact

Simultaneously, community managers monitored the conference chatter across Twitter and Instagram from HQ. With two brands, five days, and thousands of prospects to meet, we developed a staffing schedule that ensured our eyes were always peeled. Our CMs combed feeds for opportunities to follow, react, and delight attendees. Meanwhile, our Digital Strategist carefully evaluated content performance each day, targeting the most relevant or goal-centered media to anyone using/searching event hashtags across all three platforms.


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